Pain Free Pelvis Solution

Who is this Program Designed for?

This specialized program is meticulously crafted for individuals experiencing discomfort or pain in the pelvic region, including areas such as the pubic area, tailbone, vagina, sit bones, and buttocks. It’s tailored for those who find themselves in pain during or unable to engage in sexual activities, undergo gynecological examinations, or use tampons. Furthermore, it’s designed for individuals who encounter pain during everyday activities, such as dressing or getting in and out of a car. If you’re someone who dreads sexual activity due to anticipated pain or if you’re feeling the emotional weight of these challenges, this program is designed with you in mind.

How Can This Program Assist You?

Our comprehensive program addresses a variety of issues stemming from pelvic pain. We focus on alleviating muscle tension or spasms and calming hypersensitive nerves. Recognizing that fear avoidance is a significant barrier for many, our approach includes strategies to mitigate these fears. A pivotal aspect of our program is teaching individuals how to gradually reintroduce sexual activity into their lives, aiming to reduce pain and discomfort. Moreover, our program offers effective techniques to lessen pain associated with daily activities, enabling a smoother, more comfortable day-to-day experience.

What Does the Program Offer?

Our program offers a blend of in-person or telehealth physical therapy (PT) treatment sessions, as directed by a PT, to ensure a personalized approach to your care. Between sessions, we provide tailored exercise prescriptions to foster progression and improvement. Utilizing real-time ultrasound visual feedback, we offer an innovative approach to treatment, allowing for a more engaged and informed therapy process. Our hands-on treatment methods are designed to address specific needs, ensuring a holistic approach to recovery. Additionally, posture retraining and a biomechanical screen are integral components of our program, focusing on optimizing body mechanics to support your healing journey.

Through this well-rounded and compassionate approach, our aim is to not only address the physical symptoms but also to enhance your overall quality of life by empowering you with knowledge and strategies for pain management and recovery.