Body Works Women’s Health & Wellness Testimonials

Kathy Sturm

Who knew painful sex after having a baby isn’t normal. If you are told it is, your doctor just doesn’t know. I didn’t know what seeing a pelvic floor specialist entailed and was super impressed with their approach into healing it. I made great progress and rather quickly too. This group is amazing to work with.

Rebecca Grim

I love everyone here! They keep it so nice & clean, & I know they clean and sanitize after each client. My therapist has done a great job helping me to learn the exercises & has been very encouraging. I feel much better than when I started! Fabulous experience!

Andrea Buchanan

I am so thankful for Dr Lydia and everyone at Bodyworks! We’ve been working together for the past few months and the change I feel is really incredible. I feel stronger, more balanced, more confident with daily movements, and I’m achieving all the goals we set at our first meeting. Highly recommend!

Caroline McEntire

I recommend Body Works to all my friends. I came to Body Works looking for my to improve related pregnancy symptoms and stayed through for postpartum care as well. I couldn’t be more thankful for the support and education I received. Now I feel confident to get back to my new and regular life! Dr. Elizabeth was extremely attentive, made me feel comfortable, friendly, thorough, and caring. She is a gem in the health space!! Thank you!

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Kristen Mills

Body Works has helped me through very painful tailbone bone after the delivery of my child and back pain. I literally stand taller now after working with Dr. Eldridge. The staff they have is the absolute best! I highly recommend Body Works. Best physical therapy in the upstate!

Breean O'Neill

Pelvic floor therapy at Body Works has given me so much knowledge, confidence and encouragement throughout my pelvic floor therapy program!! In 6 months I’ve been able to solve my posture issues, resolve my lower back pain, gain core strength, begin healing my diastasis recti and solve so many other issues associated with a weak pelvic floor! I will sing your praises to anyone in need of this therapy…it’s the real deal and totally doable for all women! Thank you SO MUCH!