Breast Health

At our pelvic floor physical therapy clinic, we understand the unique challenges nursing mothers face, particularly when it comes to breastfeeding difficulties. Our specialized “Breast Health” service is dedicated to those experiencing discomfort and hurdles in their breastfeeding journey, especially due to clogged milk ducts. Clogged ducts can lead to significant pain and reduce milk production, impacting both mother and baby. If home remedies have fallen short, our professional and effective alternative can provide the relief you need and improve your breastfeeding experience.

Who is Best Health in Greenville For?

Our Breast Health service caters specifically to individuals struggling with clogged milk ducts, which can manifest as pain, discomfort, and decreased milk output. Whether you’re a first-time mother or have been through breastfeeding before, if you’re facing these challenges, our service is tailored for you. Our goal is to alleviate your symptoms, enhance milk production, and ensure a smoother breastfeeding journey.

What to Expect from the Treatment in Greenville

Our comprehensive treatment plan is designed with your unique needs in mind, involving a minimum of two sessions lasting around 45 minutes each. Here’s a closer look at what our approach entails:

  • Therapeutic Real Time Real Time Ultrasound Application: This technique focuses directly on the affected ducts, utilizing ultrasound waves to break down blockages and promote smoother milk flow.
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage: A gentle, therapeutic massage that stimulates the lymphatic system, facilitating milk flow and easing pressure and discomfort in the ducts.
  • Milk Expression Guidance: Tailored advice and hands-on assistance in expressing milk, ensuring the ducts are effectively cleared and reducing the risk of further blockages.
  • Exercises and Stretches: Customized physical therapies aimed at alleviating pain and tension associated with nursing and pumping, integral to our holistic care approach.

Immediate Relief and Long-term Benefits

Our treatments are designed not only to offer immediate relief but also to provide long-term benefits. By addressing the root causes of clogged ducts, we aim to decrease the likelihood of developing mastitis, restore your milk supply, and reduce the anxiety associated with breastfeeding pain. For optimal results, we recommend combining our treatments with consultations from an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

Understanding Clogged Ducts

Clogged ducts are characterized by the obstruction of milk flow within the breast tissue, leading to discomfort and potential complications. These blockages can arise from various factors, such as milk blisters blocking the duct’s opening or deeper issues within the ductal system. Symptoms often include a palpable mass in the breast, pain, and restricted milk flow. Addressing these blockages promptly is essential for restoring milk flow, preventing infections like mastitis, and ensuring a comfortable breastfeeding experience.

Our targeted treatment approach is meticulously designed to effectively unclog these ducts. By understanding the underlying causes and employing a combination of therapeutic ultrasound, manual lymphatic drainage, milk expression guidance, and tailored exercises, we offer a supportive and effective solution for nursing mothers.

Why Choose Our Breast Health Service?

Choosing our Breast Health service means opting for a professional, empathetic, and specialized approach to your breastfeeding challenges. Our dedicated team is committed to providing not just treatment but also education and support, empowering you through your breastfeeding journey. With our comprehensive care plan, you’ll find not only immediate relief but also strategies for long-term health and wellbeing.

Breastfeeding is a beautiful, albeit sometimes challenging, journey. Our Breast Health service is here to ensure that journey is as smooth and comfortable as possible, supporting you and your baby every step of the way. Let us help you overcome the hurdles of clogged milk ducts and embrace the joy of nursing with confidence and ease.

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Jenna Elrod Knapp

Body Works was just what I was looking for! Samantha at the front office was welcoming and always helpful when explaining insurance/payment questions. Dr. Yvonne and Dr. Lydia were friendly, professional, compassionate and knowledgeable about how to help solve pelvic floor issues and how to strengthen my core and back safely during and after pregnancy. They provided real time ultrasound to view abdominal muscles, guided exercises and education to take home. Now I just had my 4th baby and have all the tools I need for this to be my best recovery yet. Excited about returning to walking, running, hiking and playing with kids without pain. If only I had been to see them sooner! Highly recommend if you are considering pelvic floor PT during pregnancy and after delivery. It’s an investment for years to come!

Kaley Peek

I had a phenomenal experience working with Elizabeth at Body Works! With my first pregnancy, I learned how important pelvic floor health was so when I learned I was pregnant with my 2nd child, I called Body Works. They had a wonderful Birth Ready Plan that helped me prepare for labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery. They’re very thorough and give you a detailed plan with exercises at each visit. Elizabeth is a great listener! It’s obvious that she cares about her patients. When I had a horrible episode with muscle spasms during my 3rd trimester that put me out of work due to the pain, Elizabeth was there for me and made accommodations to see me quickly for emergency appointments to try to help me get out of pain. I recommend them to all my family and friends! They can and will change your life ❤️