The Support Solution

Who is This Program For?

This program is meticulously designed for individuals experiencing a spectrum of pelvic floor concerns. If you’ve ever felt an unnerving pressure, a sensation akin to something falling out, or an undeniable heaviness in your pelvic area, this program is tailored for you. It specifically addresses the gradual increase in symptoms over the course of the day and tackles difficulties associated with urinary or bowel functions. For those who perceive a feeling of pelvic weakness or have observed a noticeable bulge in the pelvic floor region, this program offers a comprehensive solution. Additionally, it extends its support to address sexual health concerns, including discomfort, diminished sensation, or any related issues, ensuring a holistic approach to pelvic floor health.

What Will This Program Help With?

This transformative program embarks on a journey of re-educating the pelvic floor musculature, aiming at a complete rejuvenation of pelvic floor, abdominal, and core strength. It introduces strategic positional changes for symptomatic relief and educates on managing intra-abdominal pressure effectively. Through a thorough assessment, it identifies the necessity for external support mechanisms and eradicates side effects such as leakage, back pain, or feelings of instability. The program provides professional guidance on modifying exercises and safely resuming physical activities, ensuring you regain the confidence to participate in desired exercises and lead a life unhampered by pelvic floor concerns.

What Does This Program Include?

Offering a choice between in-person or telehealth PT (Physical Therapy) treatment sessions, as recommended by a professional physical therapist, this program embraces a personalized approach to your recovery. It includes a meticulously curated exercise prescription designed to facilitate progression between PT sessions, enhanced by real-time ultrasound visual feedback for a deeper understanding of pelvic floor dynamics. The program encompasses hands-on treatment techniques, posture retraining, and a comprehensive biomechanical screening to identify and address underlying issues, paving the way for a balanced and functional pelvic floor. Through its holistic and tailored approach, the program promises a journey toward recovery and strength, empowering individuals to embrace their physical health with confidence and grace.