The Birth Ready Solution

Who is This Program For?

This program is meticulously designed for individuals who are experiencing a variety of pelvic-related discomforts and symptoms. If you find yourself noticing or feeling a sense of pressure, as if something is falling out, or experiencing a notable heaviness within your pelvic region, this program is tailored for you. It addresses concerns that tend to intensify as the day progresses, including difficulty managing urinary or bowel functions, a generalized feeling of pelvic weakness, or the unsettling observation of a bulge in the pelvic floor area. Additionally, it caters to those grappling with sexual health concerns, such as discomfort during intercourse, diminished sensation, or any other related issues that may be affecting your quality of life.

What Will This Program Help With?

Embarking on this program will lead you through a transformative journey aimed at the holistic re-education and strengthening of your pelvic floor musculature, alongside the enhancement of your abdominal and core strength. It delves into strategic positional techniques tailored to provide symptom relief, and introduces effective methods for controlling intra-abdominal pressure. An assessment to determine the necessity for external support is also a critical component. This program is committed to alleviating side effects that may be plaguing your daily life, such as urinary leakage, persistent back pain, or feelings of instability. Moreover, it provides professional guidance on how to modify exercises and safely reintegrate into your exercise routine, ensuring you regain the capability to partake in your desired forms of physical activity without reservations.

What Does This Program Include?

At the core of this program is a flexible approach to treatment, offering both in-person and telehealth PT (Physical Therapy) treatment sessions as prescribed by a professional physical therapist. A tailored exercise prescription designed to foster progression between PT sessions is a fundamental aspect, supplemented by the innovative use of real-time ultrasound for visual feedback. This program emphasizes hands-on treatment techniques, posture retraining, and a comprehensive biomechanical screen, all aimed at enhancing your physical wellbeing and addressing the unique challenges presented by pelvic floor dysfunctions. Through this multifaceted approach, the program ensures a supportive and effective journey towards recovery and strength rebuilding.