Opening Week During COVID-19

Opening Week During COVID-19

April 20, 2020

The health and well-being of our patients has always been and always will be our main priority. We promise to provide everyone with specialized direct care to transform their lives. When the news of the COVID-19 virus hit, our main priorities did not change, but we decided to make a pivot in the way we were “seeing” them.

Not only were we able to serve them via telehealth, or virtual sessions, but we could help them in the convenience and safety of their own homes. This has been what Body Works PT has been doing the last 4 weeks and have seen amazing results of patients making great strides towards their goals and feeling better.

This week we are about to make another shift and are opening our doors back up to well patients. We’ve seen a need for some of our patients needing hands on care in order to help them to feel better and further progress to their goals.

We are going to continue to provide Telehealth services indefinitely, in addition to our in office visits to ensure our patients are continuing to receive the level of care we promised from Day 1.

We are really looking forward to the day where we can look at this as a memory. This is something we’ve all really learned a lot from. We will be screening every patient, providing each patient with a mask, asking them to wash their hands prior to their session, and sanitizing thoroughly after each visit.

We’ve been praying for everyone that has been affected by this pandemic. Not only for their health, but everyone else who has been negatively impacted in any way.

Thank you for your support during this time and trusting us as your healthcare provider!

– Ashlee De Nooy, PT, DPT

Owner of Body Works Physical Therapy

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